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Congratulations to our Graduating Class of 2021!

On May 20 we celebrated and recognized the graduating class of 2021 for their outstanding achievement and contributions to the diverse GHIS community. What a joyful moment it was for us all.

A graduation is both a culmination and a beginning, and that duality truly represents how meaningful this graduation was for GHIS students and their families, and all those who participated in their journey. For GHIS, their graduation marked an important moment as we continue to develop our innovative, forward-thinking school for young leaders who understand that a shared society is possible–having lived it for two years! Over that time they learned to live together in a cross-cultural environment, and were stimulated by their classwork and continual exchange of ideas. They showed that an equitable shared society is possible and desirable. 

Although COVID-19 impacted our students and our world, they adapted to the unforeseen changes, by continuing to excel in their academics and engaging each other in meaningful interactions, small and large. They impacted GHIS with their innovative and intuitive ideas, and by coming together to create a vibrant, diverse community whose impact we hope will reach beyond the green lawns of our campus. 

We look forward to seeing the impact that these GHIS ambassadors of our joint communal vision will have as they move onto college and into their chosen careers.

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Yaniv Sagee


yaniv sagee

For more than seven decades, Givat Haviva has provided educational programs aimed at developing a just, equal, and inclusive society. In 2018, we created GHIS as an educational incubator to develop leaders for the future of our world, the Middle East, and Israel—to help move from competition and struggle between nations to a shared, egalitarian society that operates in peace.

GHIS students study the complexity of global conflicts, the differences, and the similarities between them. They learn that individual identity can exist while accepting the identity of the other, and that conflict can be transcended through greater mutual understanding.

Our school draws on the insights of the IB program and the experience of our students from around the world, and supplements it with conflict resolution knowledge accumulated over more than 70 years in Givat Haviva. With this formula a responsible cohort of young people is being created that will one day lead our shared society.

As CEO of Givat Haviva from 2012-2021, Yaniv was one of Israel’s primary leaders of shared society. In this role he created programs that promote these values and educate as many citizens as possible to the benefits of working together.

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David Zehavi

Hebrew Literature

David joined GHIS because he was looking for the right educational establishment to develop personally and professionally. As soon as he heard about GHIS, he realized that it suits his values.

“As someone who has always been committed to coexistence in Israel, I see GHIS as a great vehicle to bring young people together in an accepting and non-prejudicial way.”

As well as being a teacher, David is also trained in special needs education at all school levels.

David holds a joint Honors B.Ed.  in Special Education ages 6 to 21, and BA in Literature at Oranim College