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Short Programs

Givat Haviva International comprises all international activities. It draws on 70+ years of intercultural educational experience to provide programs that promote greater understanding of the complexities, opportunities and challenges of Arab and Jewish communities living in Israel. These are custom-designed for each visiting group and vary in duration depending on goals and interests.

Visit Younited

Younited is one of Givat Haviva’s newest projects. Given its location, visiting the school is a popular educational activity for international groups heading north from Jerusalem or south from the Galilee. They meet Younited students from more than 20 different countries, and learn about the school’s mosaic of cultures, life stories and ideas. Students and faculty alike will inspire visitors with stories of transformation that take place while living and learning in this diverse community.

Extended Study Tours

Givat Haviva is a leading educator in the field of inclusivity and social cohesion, and was awarded the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education. It also serves as an advisory organization for the UN Economic and Social Council.

Givat Haviva International welcomes groups of any age or size for extended and memorable learning encounters. These residential programs are custom-designed by our experienced staff and top educators to meet the needs of each group. They generally include language immersion and seminars on conflict resolution and mediation, with additional topics as varied as art and food as forms of cultural expression, or an introduction to Krav Maga self-defense.

Some of our current partners include the United States Naval Academy, Fordham University in New York, and Kivunim.

Customized seminars run by our professional facilitators focus on the geo-politics and diversity of the region, and include history, politics, identity, everyday life and culture. They are generally day-long and will include the Green Line Tour.

Endorsements for Study Tours

Doron Ben Atar
Doron Ben AtarFordham University, New York
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“Our partnership with Givat Haviva provided us with a substantive engagement with the many components that make up Israel's complex society and culture.

The study tour provided personal experiences for my students as they interacted with different segments: from Ethiopians in Gedera to Palestinians living within the separation wall in Bethlehem; from the crazy quilt of the divided Bartaa to the colorful gay community of Tel Aviv, from the antiquities and religious sites to the vibrant nightlife in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

At each place you provided tour guides and ‘locals’ who engaged Fordham students at a deep level, eschewing polemics and presenting the challenges in a complex and nuanced fashion. My students not only gained much knowledge and understanding, they sharpened their critical thinking—precisely the goal of high level university education. And it was so much fun. There is no better way to learn. After our return, we couldn't stop talking about the trip and what we learned. At least two of my students are planning to go back to Israel and continue their education there.

It was the most moving teaching experience of my three decades of teaching at Columbia, Princeton, Yale, and Fordham. Thanks so much.”
Carly Redding, Ph.D.
Carly Redding, Ph.D.University of North Georgia
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“The study abroad program at Givat Haviva International Center was transformational for both students and faculty at the University of North Georgia. The program and course was comprehensively designed to meet the needs of our students and to gain knowledge in negotiation, collaborative practices and peace building. It was the perfect learning experience and was valued by our students.

The facilitators provided a supportive and dynamic group environment that created positive interaction between students, staff and faculty as well as the local community. They provided opportunities for the students to immerse themselves in cultural opportunities that enabled them to understand and gain insight into the region. In addition, Givat Haviva created opportunities for exploration and discovery around Israel that created the perfect learning experience for our students.

The program at Givat Haviva allowed us to grow and gain insight both personally and professionally. We are all grateful for the opportunities they provided.”
Reflections on customized language programs from midshipmen of the US Navy for courses in 2020
Reflections on customized language programs from midshipmen of the US Navy for courses in 2020United States Naval Academy
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“In the six weeks I studied at Givat Haviva, I learned more Arabic than in two semesters at my university. The program of study was engaging; the teachers were professional and caring. Numerous field trips and activities were organized that helped me practice my Arabic and explore Arab culture in Israel.”

“Givat Haviva International truly provides its students with every possible tool to learn and immerse in the area of their study. I spent six weeks at this school learning Arabic. The faculty and staff spent every waking second providing my colleagues and I with the best education in Arabic and I learned the language at a faster pace than I ever had previously. I was exposed to several different points of views and cultures because we had different teachers from different backgrounds. I am very grateful for my time at Givat Haviva and I wish I could have spent more time learning Arabic there! Great staff and faculty! 10/10 learning experience.”

“Givat Haviva is the best institution for learning Arabic. In our intensive language course, the teachers combined learning the language with the culture of Israel. Their enthusiasm for teaching was evident and incited a love of learning. We were able to form personal connections with our teachers and other staff members at Givat Haviva that extended beyond the walls of the classroom. Overall, spending time learning at Givat Haviva was fulfilling both academically and culturally."
Reflections on customized language programs from midshipmen of the US Navy for courses in 2022
Reflections on customized language programs from midshipmen of the US Navy for courses in 2022United States Naval Academy
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“My time at Givat Haviva and in Israel was amazing, being able to both begin learning Arabic and experience all that Israel has to offer. A glimpse into the culture and area that I will be studying motivates me as I return to school to learn about it for 3 more years.”

“ I had a fantastic time in Israel. I learned a lot about the culture of Israel while learning Arabic. I'm very grateful for this experience and the adventure that came everyday while I was there. I thank the whole Givat Haviva team for all the tutelage, hospitality , and phenomenal planning that you all provided. I hope to come back to Israel,so see you soon.”

“Fresh off of the May flare up, I was nervous about coming to Israel and about how some people would be treated. Being here challenged a lot of my assumptions. I learned a lot about the Jewish-Israeli culture and how it’s mixed in with the Palestinians. I saw a county which I would’ve never have visited before and explored areas that most people won’t. I talked to people and most importantly made a lot of friends- friends I will never forget. I hope to come back soon (without 9 people) and really explore the country by myself or with a friend. I really enjoyed my experience and my time here.”

For more information on Short Programs, please email:

Clare King Lassman, Director of Communications/Fundraising – Tel: +972 54 812 1490

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Yaniv Sagee


yaniv sagee

For more than seven decades, Givat Haviva has provided educational programs aimed at developing a just, equal, and inclusive society. In 2018, we created GHIS as an educational incubator to develop leaders for the future of our world, the Middle East, and Israel—to help move from competition and struggle between nations to a shared, egalitarian society that operates in peace.

GHIS students study the complexity of global conflicts, the differences, and the similarities between them. They learn that individual identity can exist while accepting the identity of the other, and that conflict can be transcended through greater mutual understanding.

Our school draws on the insights of the IB program and the experience of our students from around the world, and supplements it with conflict resolution knowledge accumulated over more than 70 years in Givat Haviva. With this formula a responsible cohort of young people is being created that will one day lead our shared society.

As CEO of Givat Haviva from 2012-2021, Yaniv was one of Israel’s primary leaders of shared society. In this role he created programs that promote these values and educate as many citizens as possible to the benefits of working together.

Welcome to Younited

You've arrived at the new face of Givat Haviva International School (GHIS).

Our spirit remains, but our brand has evolved.
Discover the fresh look and feel of our united community.

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David Zehavi

Hebrew Literature

David joined GHIS because he was looking for the right educational establishment to develop personally and professionally. As soon as he heard about GHIS, he realized that it suits his values.

“As someone who has always been committed to coexistence in Israel, I see GHIS as a great vehicle to bring young people together in an accepting and non-prejudicial way.”

As well as being a teacher, David is also trained in special needs education at all school levels.

David holds a joint Honors B.Ed.  in Special Education ages 6 to 21, and BA in Literature at Oranim College